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Examination Fees

In order to simplify the management of examination fees, the examination grades are grouped into cost groups. The fee amounts are then applied by cost group rather than individual grade.

For example, the Rosette Awards are grouped into two groups: 'Rosette Award One' and 'Other Rosette Awards'. The cost for Rosette Award One, including the bannerette can then be set in the system, and a separate cost be assigned for all other Rosettes, without having to enter them all individually.

The Exam Charges tab lists the cost grouping as follows:

Charge Cost Grouping

To add or update the charges for a cost group, select the appropriate cost group(s) and click the 'Update Charges' button. The screen below shows that the 'First Rosette' cost group has been selected:

Cost Group Detail

Each charge has a start date and an end date. This means that charges can be set in advance of an exam session by entering a start date in the future. The system will determine which fees to use for an exam session based on the charge applicable at the date of the examination session. In this way the system automatically keeps a record of all previous fees and the dates they were increased.

If the end date is blank, then the charge applies at any date after the start date.

By default this screen only shows charges that are current TODAY. The 'Show Current Charges' and 'Show Old Charges' buttons allow to switch between seeing current and previous charges. Additional filtering can be done within the 'Search' screen to set viewing of ALL charges, or future charges etc.

Adding or Updating a charge displays the following screen:

Add Charge Amount
Cost Group Shows the cost group that was selected on the previous screen.
Age Group The Age Group is selected from the dropdown and can take the values Junior or Adult. Using this field separate fees can be set for Juniors and Adults, and the charge used for a particular candidate depends on the Age Group selected in the Candidate Detail Screen.
Start Date Enter the date that the fee will be applicable from, in the format dd/mm/yyyy. The end date will be set automatically to blank. If there is already a current fee in operation for this cost group and age group, then the end date for the previous fee will automatically be set to the day before the start date of the new charge.
Amount The charge to be applied for this cost group / age group combination. Do not use a currency symbol.