All first exam sessions using medaltest organiser are completely free of charge, so that you can try the system out fully before deciding whether you want to continue.

MedalTest Organiser is software that works over the web. This means that you do not buy the software, and accordingly, you do not need to worry about installing it, backing it up, or keeping it up to date. Once you have received your password you can start using it immediately.

Instead, the amount you pay is based upon how many medal examinations you manage with the system, and is worked out at just 20p per examination. For example, if you run a session of 100 tests the amount you pay will be only £20.

As a suggestion, you could add the 20p to the rate you charge your candidates for their exams. In this way the cost of using the system is covered whatever size of session you run, and the cost of each test is only increased negligibly.

Furthermore, for large sessions, the maximum charge is £50. Any tests above this amount are free of charge.

The fee you pay includes full support and maintenance and also includes all future upgrades to the system completely free of charge. All the additional features within the system, for example, the candidate database are included at no extra charge, regardless of how much you use them.

No special computer knowledge is necessary as all the screens are simple and intuitive to use. The only requirement is a computer connected to the Internet, and a printer to print the reports.


The month following your examination session you will receive an invoice by email for the number of tests in the session charged at 20p each. There are NO other charges to pay.