What are other schools saying?

Following a successful pilot in the North West Area during early 2009 medaltest organiser is now being used by many schools across the country, and the number is continuing to grow. Since August 2009 Theatre schools have also been able to take advantage of this unique system. The quotes listed below are just a few comments received from IDTA schools using the system. Thanks to all those who have contributed, and please keep the great reviews coming!

"I have just printed off medal letters and it was so quick and easy - very impressed!!! Thanks very much - so far has made my exam paperwork easy and professional."

"I don't normally go near a computer, but I found this system very simple to use."

"The Medal Test software has enabled me to visualise our medal test in a much clearer way by using the tools such as Summary Reports and the ability to select individual candidates through search engines. Being able to visualise all Branches and print lists of each has also made it much easier to check that everyone who should be included has been included."

"This Sunday is my first medal test and I don't think I would have coped without this system as I work full time and run my school in my spare time, as I am sure most teachers did at the start. I have approx 118 exams and with this program the paper work has been a dream."

"I have been playing around with the system in preparation for my next medal test, its great, will save me so much time and effort!!"

"Hi, first may I say what a fantastic program this is, I am about to conduct my medal test and this program has been a godsend."

"Just to let you know I have finally experimented with the Medal Test Organiser and am beginning to input all my candidates for exam and print letters etc. It took me some time to become familiar with it but I think it is wonderful."