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Home Page

This is the first page the user sees after passing through the logon screen.

Home Page

The main menu bar contains a number of tabs allowing access to the different sections of the system:

School Will allow the user to enter and maintain information about the school in the School Section. Some of the information from here is used in the examination documentation..
Documents Activates the Documents Section where it is possible to set up the contents of letters that can optionally be produced by the system.
Exam Charges In the Exam Charges Section it is possible to enter and update medal test fees so that the option of managing fee collection from candidates can be used.
Candidates Will allow the user to enter and maintain all the information about candidates by activating the Candidates Section.
Exam Sessions The Exam Sessions Section of the system is where the information about the tests that candidates are to take is maintained. This is the main functional part of the system.

Also on the main Home Page are additional buttons:

Change Password Will allow the user to change his password by activating Change User Password.